Showcase: The Art of Personalised Keyrings

BGC - Personalised Keyring (Industrial Services)

3o second summary:

  • Custom metal personalised keyrings are a great way to celebrate an achievement, promote an organisation or business, and cultivate a feeling of belonging.
  • We’ve created personalised keyrings for a diverse range of clients: from schools to sporting clubs, charities to community organisations and much more.

Thanks for visiting our blog! They say “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”, and at Sheridan’s Badges and Engraving, we have made some seriously beautiful personalised keyrings over our century-long history, for clients all over Perth, WA and the rest of Australia. We’re proud to treat our work as artisans creating works that the owners will treasure, and we’d like to share some great examples of our craft below in our personalised keyrings showcase.

Why we love Personalised Keyrings – and why you will too!

I’m sure you can see from our work how much we love what we do, and it’s always a pleasure to work with our clients to create personalised keyrings that the owner will love! From our perspective, personalised keyrings are a wonderful opportunity to create something unique, beautiful and representative of something that is very special to the giver and recipient alike. A keyring is something that you carry with you wherever you bring your keys (i.e. everywhere) – it becomes a part of your day-to-day life. Why not make it something beautiful?



BGC Personalised Keyring Personalised Keyrings - East Perth Football Club Centenary Year Falcon GT Club of Western Australia Personalised Keyring Lake Joondalup Baptist College - Personalised Keyrings Personalised Keyring for Kearnan College

Personalised keyrings are an opportunity to express your identity – from the groups you belong to, the communities you’re part of, the causes that matter to you, the school you go to or graduated from. They’re often a valued gift, full of memories and celebration. Being part of creating those memories for you is something that we love, and we’re looking forward to creating more memories for our customers through a tangible piece of art that expresses what matters the most to you.


But wait, there’s more! 🤣

We make plenty of other gorgeous things, as you’ll see in future showcases; in particular, we were excited to work together in 2017 with WA Museum to add hundreds of historical items we’d created to the WA Museum local collection. The acquired objects include Second World War dies and badges, local sporting club lapel pins,  school badges, old government insignia, tools, and much more. (Want to know more?)

We’ve created beautiful personalised keyrings, badges, trophies, plaques and many other items for a diverse range of clients: from schools to sporting clubs, charities and community associations to hospitals and more.

To find out more, keep an eye on our blog as we continue to share our pride and joy with you!