Industrial Signage in the Spotlight

Whether you’re running a small business, or making decisions for a big business, great industrial signage can make waves for your bottom line, make your premises more distinctive, and even keep your people informed and safe. What businesses need from industrial signage is surprisingly diverse: from branding and promotion to information and offering a sense of security. Fortunately, here at Sheridan’s Badges and Engraving we’ve been making exceptional industrial signage for generations, meeting the needs of businesses across the state. Here are some reasons why industrial signage is an important part of business strategy, and of course examples of our work that make us proud!

Get found IRL

In a world that’s increasingly digital-first and find-us-on-Facebook, traditional bricks-and-mortar signage is increasingly being overlooked – and it’s a missed opportunity for businesses. Yes, signage still matters in 2020! Attractive signage can draw in foot traffic, make a great impression, enhance the value of a commercial building, and form part of your brand story.


The Internet is becoming increasingly crowded with noise, and your ideal customer or client is most likely fatigued by all the online advertising that comes their way. Especially if your business predominantly services particular physical locations, taking advantage of local, offline marketing through attractive industrial signage can offer some serious return on investment.

Industrial Signage - Branding

Mark your territory

Got mysterious strangers parking in your carpark? Don’t want people stomping through your garden? Have employee-only areas of your premises? Commemorating a milestone for your business? Open 7 days of the week and want to shout it to the world? Informational signs can be as varied as information is varied! From ID labels to property number tags, name plaques to memorial plaques, industrial signage is the way to go.


Industrial Signage - Stencils

Safety first

Keeping people safe is a priority for any business; and for some businesses that can be very complex. From safety signs to detailed schematics and underground cabling markers, here at Sheridan’s we’re experienced in handling safety signage requirements for businesses large and small, so that you can make sure your staff, visitors and stakeholders know what to do and what to avoid.


Industrial Signage - Safety Signs

Our work in industrial signage

Here are some examples of the great work we’ve done in industrial signage.

Industrial Signage - Schematics

Industrial Signage

Industrial Signage - Termite Inspection

Why Sheridan’s?

At Sheridan’s, we have a large range of materials and signage applications available, and decades of experience in handling the needs of industry. We’re a local family business operating for over a century, and we’ve built a stellar reputation for our quality and commitment to service. We understand that no two businesses are alike, and we are committed to the flexibility, fast turnaround times and consummate professionalism to meet the requirements of your business. Let’s have a chat!

Industrial Signage

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