Showcase: Name Badges

Name badge made for Kalbarri Visitor Centre (Plastic Name Badge)

30 second summary:

  • Name badges are a perfect way to instill confidence in your business and its people.
  • At Sheridan’s, we’ve been making name badges for Perth businesses, social groups, schools, government and medical centres – for over 100 years!
  • Check out some examples of the great work we do below.

Hot on the heels of our showcases on personalised keyrings and industrial signage, we’d like to showcase one of our most popular products – name badges! We’ve been making name badges here in Perth for over a century – since family patriarch Charles Sheridan first set up a workshop behind his Florence Street residence in West Perth way back in 1913. During the second half of the 20th century, name badges were an obligatory part of the sports uniform for lawn bowling clubs across Australia. We made thousands of them. During school holidays, the young Sheridan sons would make handsome pocket money engraving hundreds of name badges at 20 cents a pop. Today we still put the same commitment and passion into our work.


Who uses name badges and why?

Any business or organisation interacting with the public should be interested in name badges. They’re a perfect way for people outside the organisation to identify staff members, and to clarify their role. They instil confidence: when you see someone with a name badge, you know at a glance who they are and what they do. Whether it’s the childcare worker you’re entrusting your child’s care to, or the specialist taking care of your health, a name badge is a reassuring sight.

Name badges make for a much more personal and reassuring experience for clients when connecting with staff. The ability to easily address a staff member by name adds to the positive experience any organisation should be aiming to achieve. And no more senior moments forgetting a name! Clients feel more relaxed and calm.

Name badges aren’t just about identifying who you are to your patients, they also show clients that your staff are proud to work here and that they are a valued and permanent member of your business or organisation.

We often work with…

We often work with the following sectors and industries:

  • Healthcare (for example, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and chemists; for more information, check out our dedicated Health page)

We also do a lot of work with schools (hundreds of them!), sports associations, community groups and many more.

Our work in name badges

At Sheridan’s Badges and Engraving, we’ve been making name badges for Perth businesses, social groups, schools, government and medical centres – for over 100 years! You’ll see our work on badges across Western Australia and nationwide, and even in the WA Museum collection. We’re proud to be a part of the history and community of Perth and Western Australia.

Here are some examples of our work in name badges. If you want to know more, explore the name badges section of our website, or get in touch!

Name Badge | Public Transport Authority Name Badge | Das Rural Holdings | Moat's Corner Name Badge | EO Accelerator
Name Badges for Schools | John XXIII College Name Badges | Western Australia Golf Club Name Badges for Government | Landcorp

Want to know more? Here at our workshop in Perth, we’re leading the way in high-quality engraving and badge-making, and creating plenty of incredible things – check out our showcase blogs on personalised keyrings, plaques and industrial signage, and our various products such as medallions, plaques and trophies available for sale. And keep an eye on our blog for more insight into our company, our work and our techniques.