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Engraved Trophies (Perth)

Trophies are an exciting mark of achievement for all ages and walks of life: from the excitement of the whole of Perth at the West Coast Eagles winning the 2018 Grand Final and way back in 1983 when the coveted America’s Cup was displayed as a most-prized trophy at the Royal Perth Yacht Club; to when the kids make you proud at footy, chess or maybe this year’s inaugural Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee.

Here at Sheridan’s Badges and Engraving, we’ve been helping Western Australians celebrate great work for generations (more about that in our previous post on our collaboration with the WA Museum), and we love that we’re helping to carry on a tradition that’s been going on even way back in Ancient Greece (more about that, too? Glad you asked: here’s some fun facts we wrote on the history of trophies).

Bringing home a trophy is always a very special occasion, and it’s a wonderful feeling to win something that will “go straight to the pool room” (to quote Darryl from the classic Aussie flick The Castle).

We’ve partnered with the best trophy distributors in Australia to deliver top-notch, beautiful engraved trophies to customers in Perth, throughout Western Australia and beyond. You can see their full range of trophies (sports trophies, company trophies and more) at these websites:


Different Trophies: 


Trophy Component Distributors: 


If there’s a particular style of trophy you’d like us to engrave and supply, let’s talk!


Some fun examples of the trophies we supply:



Engravable Trophies Engravable Trophies

One of our favourites, and the trophies which we supply most frequently, are acrylic trophies for achievements such as company trophies (employee of the month, employee of the year, etc), award trophies (including King of All Rollercoasters!), and sports trophies. You’ll find these trophies on our website here, and here are some examples of our work:

All Australia Leadership Award Trophy (Clear Optical Crystal Trophy – Crystal Wedge)

Clear Optical Crystal Trophy – Crystal Wedge

Employee of the Year Glass Trophy (Clear Glass Trophy with Sandblasted Finish – Circle)

Clear Glass Trophy with Sandblasted Finish (Circle)

AFL Masters Trophy (Clear Optical Crystal Trophy – Arch)

Clear Optical Crystal Trophy – Arch

Want to see more? Click here for more trophies.

Looking forward to celebrating your high-achieving employee, award-winning business, or sports-person extraordinaire? We’d love to be part of your trophy’s story. Get in touch with us to see how we can turn your vision into reality, and a heirloom that really does deserve to go straight to the pool room.

For more of our great work with trophies, plaques, engraving, badges and a whole lot more, and fascinating insights into what we do, keep an eye on our blog!