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Name Badges: Build Professionalism And Trust


Any business or organisation interacting with the public should be interested in name badges. They’re a perfect way to instill confidence in your business and its people, to build loyalty, and to demonstrate to your people that they are valued. Here at Sheridan’s Badges and Engraving, we’ve been making name badges for Perth businesses, social groups, schools, government and medical centres – for over 100 years! Our story started when family patriarch Charles Sheridan first set up a workshop behind his Florence Street residence in West Perth way back in 1913. During the second half of the 20th century, name badges were an obligatory part of the sports uniform for lawn bowling clubs across Australia. We made thousands of them. During school holidays, the young Sheridan sons would make handsome pocket money engraving hundreds of name badges at 20 cents a pop. Today we still put the same commitment and passion into our work.

Why name badges?

Name badges are an easy way for people outside the organisation to identify staff members, and to clarify their role. When you see someone with a name badge, you know at a glance who they are and what they do, putting you at ease. Whether it’s the childcare worker you’re entrusting your child’s care to, or the specialist taking care of your health, a name badge is a reassuring sight. 


Name badges also make for a much more personal and reassuring experience for clients when connecting with staff. The ability to easily address a staff member by name adds to the positive experience any organisation should be aiming to achieve.

Name badges aren’t just about identifying who you are to your patients, they also show clients that your staff are proud to work here and that they are a valued and permanent member of your business or organisation, and they make your staff feel proud too.


Want to know more? Check out our blog showcasing our work in name badges. We’ve worked with clients including Transperth, DevelopmentWA, St John Ambulance and Hogs’ Breath Café, and we can’t wait to work with you too. 


What materials we use for our name badges

  • Plastic
  • Brass
  • Aluminium


What is a name badge?

Put simply, it’s a badge with someone’s name on it, generally attached to clothing; so, like your standard lapel pin badge, it comes with a brooch pin fitting and can be attached to your lapel (or elsewhere, on other fabrics, etc.) 

Our name badges are either engraved, printed or lasered onto metal or plastic. 

Optional Extras

You can choose from various optional extras depending on your choice of name badge, including:

– Clear Resin Finish 

– Magnetic Fitting

 – Pocket Clip

 – Rotary Pocket Clip


Our process

  • Choose your preferred name badge and fill in the form to request a quote (or get in touch!) We will need to know your desired quantity (and size, where relevant), and you can either choose from our designs or provide your own logo/artwork.
  • The minimum order for most name badges is one, but quantity discounts are available.
  • When we receive your request for a quote, we will be in touch to discuss the project, including any optional extras, etc.
  • Once you have approved the quote, we will get to work!
  • Depending on factors like quantity, size, design complexity, etc. your name badge will be ready within one week for plastic name badges and two weeks for metal name badges.
  • You can pick up your order from our address in Jolimont, Perth, or we will post your order to you.
  • Et voila – your name badges are ready to bring professionalism, trust and loyalty to your business.


Name Badges FAQ

  • Do you have specific layout templates?

We do have some generic templates we will use relevant to your logo style, if you do not provide us with instructions.

  • Do you have set sizes?

While our name badges can be made to any size or shape, we do have some standard sizes. These are:

    • 50 x 15mm
    • 75 x 15mm
    • 75 x 25mm
    • 75 x 30mm 
  • Can I have my logo on my name badge?

Yes, this can be done by emailing through a copy of your logo in either an EPS or Vector format.


  • What material are your name badges made out of?

Our name badges are made from plastic, aluminium or gold or nickel plated brass.


  • What fittings are available for my name badge?

We have brooch, magnetic or pocket clip fittings available.


  • How long do these take to produce?

Plastic name badges take 1 week, metal name badges take 2 weeks.