Coined Medallions

Coined Medallions

Medallions symbolise recognition of achievement and merit. Their presentation is the high point of any award ceremony. The recipient could not be more proud than at that moment in celebrating their graduation or to acknowledge their achievement.


Our coined medallions are usually crafted in four circular sizes of 32mm, 38mm, 46mm and 51mm. However, we can make in other diameters and shapes.

There are a variety of finishes to suit the sentiment or necessity of the occasion. The antique finishes are popular because they contrast the finer details of the design and give a sense of history or longevity to the award. Of course, the traditional finishes of gold, silver and bronze are still in demand. Satin or frosted finishes are available as well.

Our medallions can be made with a variety of mountings if you wish to attach a ribbon or they may set in a pouch or an attractive presentation box.

Other shapes and sizes are available to your specifications. Some limitations may apply but we love a challenge and are only too pleased to discuss options with you.