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Medallions are a beautiful ornament designed to commemorate and celebrate something that matters: from a person, to a place or event. They may celebrate a lifetime achievement, a sporting achievement, military service or much more. In fact, the legendary Nobel Prize is a beautiful golden medallion!

Medals are known for their portability, and are usually thin discs. They’ll carry a design, which is usually on both sides. An artist who creates medals or medallions is called a medalist.

Medals and medallions have been used for many thousands of years, and the oldest instance in recorded history is a gold medal sent by Alexander the Great in the forth century BCE. They were used as military awards and political gifts in Ancient Rome, and a common political gift in Europe from the Middle Ages onward.

Medallions have been received with joy by people throughout the ages, and they’ve never been more affordable or customisable as they are now.

Here at Sheridan’s Badges and Engraving, we’ve worked with Perth and Western Australian individuals, businesses, clubs, associations, schools and more. We’re proud of every metal item we’ve created to celebrate and commemorate achievements and milestones for generations, and to be part of the history of Western Australia as it continues to unfold.

If you’ve got something and/or someone to celebrate, a medallion is a great way to do it – and it’s something that lasts. We all love having our achievements recognised, whether it’s goals someone’s kicked (figuratively or literally) in sports, business and life, honours granted, and so on. A medallion really shows that you care.

We take delight and pride in our highest quality workmanship as we create souvenirs for awardees to treasure; not only can they go “straight to the pool room”, but with care taken they can be passed on to the next generation of goal-kickers, MVPs, volunteers of the year and much more.

Explore our fantastic range of medallions today, and get in touch for a quote or to discuss how we can make your vision happen. And since we’re all about making your celebrations even better, don’t forget to check out our trophies, plaques and award badges.


What materials we use for our medallions

  • Brass
  • Iron
  • Die Cast Zinc

What finishes we use for our award badges

– Bright Gold Plated
– Satin Gold Plated
– Silver Plated
– Antique Nickel Plated
– Antique Copper Plated


Optional Extras

You can choose from optional extras like:

– Coloured Detail
– Additional design on reverse
– Holes
– Ribbon
– Suede Presentation Box
– Suede Presentation Pouch


Our process

  • Choose your preferred medallion and fill in the form to request a quote (or get in touch!) We will need to know your desired quantity (and size, where relevant), and your logo/artwork.
  • Minimum order quantity ranges from 1 or 10 depending on your preferred design.
  • When we receive your request for a quote, we will be in touch to discuss the project, including any optional extras, etc.
  • Once you have approved the quote, we will get to work!
  • Depending on factors like quantity, size, design complexity, etc. your medallion will be ready within 4-5 weeks.
  • You can pick up your order from our address in Jolimont, Perth, or we will post your order to you.
  • Et voila – your medallion is ready to become a treasured possession!


Medallions FAQ

  • Is there a minimum order for medallions?

Yes, there is a minimum order of 10 of each design.


  • What are the different types of medallions you offer?

We offer brass, iron and die cast zinc. These can be stock or custom made.


  • Do you have set sizes?

While our lapel pins can be made to any size or shape, we do have some standard sizes. These are:

    • 45mm
    • 51mm 
  • Can my medallion come with a ribbon?

Yes, we can provide special ribbon bars for the ribbon to be sewn or we can provide a hole and jump ring for the ribbon to be attached to.


  • How long do these take to produce?

Stock medallions are 1 week and our embossed medallions are 4-5 weeks.