We offer a number of materials for all industrial signage needs such as:

  • Stainless steel: for heavy duty applications. Very durable and available in standard and marine grade.
  • Brass: visually pleasing, and can age well in many harsh environments.
  • Plastics: both interior and exterior grades. Economic and high contrast.
  • Zinc: suitable for multi-use stencils.
  • Cast bronze – the Rolls Royce of prestigious signs. Corrosion resistant.

We offer the following signage applications:

  • ID labels and tags, from small property number tags to large plaques.
  • Warning signage.
  • Commemorative signs for official openings and memorials.
  • Schematics of piping systems, fire extinguishing systems, production processes etc.
  • Console panels for new machinery.
  • Markers for underground cabling.
  • Zinc stencils which are also available in plastic and waxed board.

Work Examples for Mining & Industry