Dear Chas,
The name tags look fabulous – and already I have had some other staff (who didn’t get one) ask if they could have one.
I would also like to thank your staff; Haylie and Tracy, this round, and Denise a few months back, for their patience and assistance. They were all so efficient, helpful and a delight to work with. And, needless to say, the hardworking team behind the scenes as well.
But I am in no doubt you know how good your team are.

Hi Chas
I just want to say that I am blown away by your amazing service.
Five days after I first contacted you about the possibility of you producing our 5 year pins and name badges you let me know my order was ready to pick up. It was such a small order I was not even sure I could get anyone to produce them. Not only have you produced them, the quality of the artwork and pins and badges themselves are utterly outstanding. And the price is perfectly reasonable as well. You are amazing. We shall certainly be using your services again.
Thank you so much for your help and swiftness.
Warmest regards
Noemi Reynolds

Hi Chas,
We put the signs up yesterday , looks amazing, really happy with the way they turned out.
Wonderful work, Chas, thanks very much.
Karen Hall

Hi Tracy
I couldn’t be happier, I am blown away with the end product. Sheridans has done an outstanding job, the Headmaster loves it and can’t wait to present the gift tonight! Chas and the team were all very friendly, helpful and patient with me and my 100 emails trying to explain exactly what I wanted. The job was done at 110%, the professionalism of the company is fantastic. The framing company were very impressed and able to work with the badges perfectly. All in all the end product was exactly what we wanted. We can’t thank Sheridan’s enough. We look forwards to doing business with you in the future.

I am responding directly to you by email rather than the Review process.
The Bridgetown CRC has always had good service and products from Sheridan’s. Even with this latest order when I raised an issue about some older badges, it was handled very professionally. The new badges arrived in very quick time and look great.
I dealt with a Haylie as she was extremely efficient, polite and professional.
Well done, we will be using your services again.